the ultimate slow motion experience

Children`s birthday parties

We enjoy it to create professional slow motion memories from your kid`s party. The final results from each slow motion booth are short movies you can watch over and over again, share with your friends and relive the kid`s excitement and happiness on slow motion.

Your birthday party

We can offer You an unforgettable birthday experience with our Slow Motion Booth. All you need is a good mood and a lot of friends. We will do everything else. Don`t think much. Make it happen. Call us!

Or maybe it is your corporate evening

Make your elegant corporate party look even cooler. Have fun with your nice colleagues and get in the eMotion Booth. We will create the best memories from your party with our Slow Motion Booth team.


It always looks better 


What is Slow Motion Booth?

This is this is relatively new video format, which is becoming a tendency in party video. It is gaining popularity in USA and Western Europe in the last couple of years. It is a successor of the well known photo booth. It takes a bit more space however, because of the background and the lights that are being used.

Why Slow Motion Booth?

Be trendy. Be cool. Be the First.

We from eMotion-Booth are the first in Northern Bulgaria to offer this unique party experience – Slow Motion Video for your party. We offer you to be one of the first who benefit from this great NEW service. Trust us, because we are a team of professionals and we know how to shoot and edit the best Slow Motion Video for you!

How To Book a Booth?

You just have to CONTACT US:




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